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A for Anarchy

      Circle AThe A for Anarchy in a circle, usually in red and spray-painted on the background, is one of the most successful images among political symbols . It was created during the 20th century and is therefore a much more modern symbol than the classical black flag of anarchism. Its origin is not known, but there is evidence that the symbol was used by some anarchists during the Spanish Civil War and later by the Belgium organization AOA (Alliance Ouvriere Anarchiste).     The Circle A is said to represent Proudhon’s maxim that “Anarchy is Order.” (The “A” is for anarchy and the circle is either a symbol of order or represents the “O.”) But the Circle A is also said to be a symbol of unity and determination, forwarding the anarchist ideals and the inevitable rebellion against the rulers. Anarchists are devoted to the re-establishment of freedom for everyone and the importance of the cause cannot be affected by outer restraints. The circle is therefore, to some extent, a shi