Me .. Blogger T-Support and the mysterious bX-codes

I have been with Blogger for 4 years…with many hundreds of posts…I have seen many of these kinds of problems and have reported many of them. I know this is true of many other long term Bloggers.

Never have I had the issue I brought up corrected by Blogger. Never…not once has my problem been corrected or have I received any information from Blogger that helped me fix a problem…not complaining just stating the facts… they always says to me…don’t it and it will perhaps get fixed…but don’t count on it working for you…the reactions feature is a good example of this…it only works on brand new blogs…the vast majority of problems are Blogger issues that Blogger users cannot fix only Blogger can…and even they don’t seem to be able to do much…once again not complaining just the facts…beware that often Bloggers that try out Blogger contortions often make their problems worse…
Gemyhood محرر المدونة

Mohamed ABADY [a.k.a @Gemyhood] is an Egyptian Blogger and Published Author since 2005, Music Curator, New Media Expert-Trainer, Comics and Hiphop Artist.

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