Blogging live from Gaza !!!

i received this Call today

Dear all,

Moments of Gaza: Uncovering the untold - From Gaza to the world - is a blog that has been launched to the world. It features blogs, testimonies and words of eye witnesses right from Gaza.

Witnesses include humanitarian activists, aid workers and ordinary people living there.

Please spread the word. It contains what the world media does not and cannot cover.

Gemyhood محرر المدونة

Mohamed ABADY [a.k.a @Gemyhood] is an Egyptian Blogger and Published Author since 2005, Music Curator, New Media Expert-Trainer, Comics and Hiphop Artist.


  1. واحد قريبك12/31/2008 11:44:00 PM

    بنى عبيييييد... بنى عبيد هو هو
    بالشفا ياريس وعقبال ماأهنيك يوم 11/1/2009 والأهلى عامل الواجب اللى بيعملة كل مرة