Street Sense صحافة أولاد الشوارع و المشردين

على الرغم من كونها العاصمة الامريكية إلا ان واشنطن من أكثر المناطق التى تعانى من إزدياد أعداد المشردين بلا مأوى

تقريبا فى كل ركن مشرد ، ما بين السكير و المجنون و المثقف ، و النوع الاكثر إنتشارا الراغب فى حياة الشوارع

مع ضخامة المجتمع دة كان لازم حاجة تعبر عنه و من هنا ظهرت فكرة جريدة

street sense

جريدة تصدر دوريا كل اسبوعين ، على ان يتولى المشردين توزيعها و بيعها فى الشوارع ، الجريدة بالكامل عن المشردين و بتعمل على جذب إنتباه المواطنين لقضايا المشردين فى واشنطن العاصمة

الجريدة غير محددة السعر فقط كتب عليها أقل تبرع مقترح واحد دولار

Mission Street Sense aims to increase public awareness of poverty and homelessness in Washington, D.C., and to provide homeless people with an economic opportunity and a forum to be published.

Founded November 2003

Circulation On the 1st and 15th of every month -- 10,000 issues, 16 pages each

Audience Anyone who lives or works in downtown Washington, D.C.

Operations * For the first year, Street Sense operated as a project of the National Coalition for the Homeless. In October 2004, the organization incorporated, moved into its own office space and began to operate under a non-profit fiscal sponsorship with People's Law Resource Center. * On March 21, 2005, Street Sense received 501(c)(3) status, becoming an independent non-profit organization. * In October 2005, Street Sense formed a full board of directors. In November that year, the organization hired its first employee, co-founder Laura Thompson Osuri, as a full-time executive director to manage the operations, fundraising, editorial and vendor-related aspects of the paper. * A year later in November 2006, the organization hired its first vendor coordinator, Jesse Smith, Jr. * In February 2007, the paper started publishing twice a month as the network of vendors expanded to more than 50 homeless men and women. To support the increased production, Street Sense hired a full-time editor in chief in April. * Street Sense staff coordinate a network of volunteers including professional journalists, students, advocates and homeless and formerly homeless people. * Operations are funded through vendor sales, small grants from foundations, personal donations and small amounts of advertising.

Press Coverage * Print: The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Christian Science Monitor, Reuters News Service, The Examiner, Baltimore Sun, Roll Call, The Hill * Radio: National Public Radio, Voice of America, BBC World News Service, WPFW-FM, WOL-AM and WAMU * Television: Fox 5 News, PBS Jim Lehrer News Hour, PBS This is America with Dennis Whorley

Gemyhood محرر المدونة

Mohamed ABADY [a.k.a @Gemyhood] is an Egyptian Blogger and Published Author since 2005, Music Curator, New Media Expert-Trainer, Comics and Hiphop Artist.


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